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Reliabilt Windows

Hello, and welcome to our website. Today we aim to talk you through some of the currently available Reliabilt windows on the market. Can they be counted on to protect your home, or are they just a cheap brand that will only last so long? What sort of warranty do they come with, and how much do they cost? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions.

Who makes Reliabilt windows?

The first and most obvious question is who actually makes the windows? It is fairly common knowledge that Lowes outsources most of their production of goods to other companies, then buys in bulk to achieve their discounted prices. In this case, a company called Atrium windows is who actually manufactures and designs the windows. They are then sold onto Iowes and re-branded as Reliabilt windows. So what is Atrium like as a brand? Do they make quality products?  To answer this we will provide a very brief history of Atrium, so you can make up your own mind.
The company was formed in 1948, over 60 years ago. Their goal at the time was to make top quality windows at affordable pricing. Over the years they have developed a reputation for making great windows, and due to popular demand have extended operations into Canada. They control the entire manufacturing process from start to finish on their windows, which allows them to maximize quality control on their products. As you can see they are a trusted company, and are know throughout the window industry as a top manufacturer.
Below we will have a look at some of the various Reliabilt windows currently on offer, and what some of their main features are.

Reliabilt 3201

The 3201 model was designed as a replacement for the popular 5600 series window. This is their budget window, and is very affordable while at the same time providing great value. It is a vinyl window, and the frame is fully welded. These windows comes in two colors, almond and white. The sashes on the frame are fusion welded, which means the windows are very strong, and the tight seal created allows for the best heat retention possible. There are three different styles to choose from in this range, you can get a standard grid design, a cottage style grid design, and the oriel style. The windows also have rubber deals to ensure maximum protection against the elements.

Reliabilt 3301

The 3301 Reliabilt windows series is the mid range style of windows currently available. These are also vinyl windows, and boast similar feature to the 3201 series. In terms of aesthetic appeal these are a little better than the 3201’s, as they have a beveled mainframe. They also have better features for ventilation at night, as they come with little latches which you can open to let air in. The sill on these windows are sloped, which means you don’t get any water buildup or retention at all. These are a really good mid range window, and are a popular choice for homeowners around the country.

Reliabilt 3500

Next up we have the Reliabilt 3500, which is billed as their top of the range window. It is a re-branded Atrium 8700 which is known for being a great quality product. It is stylish and elegant, while providing maximum energy efficiency and protection against the elements. The warranty on offer is testament to the quality of the product as it comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all the moving parts and the vinyl & glass. As like the other windows you have the style options of standard, oriel and cottage. The 3500 comes standard with the choice of white and almond, and has the addition of bronze for this product range. It has multicavity construction which is aluminum reinforced for optimum strength and durability. These Reliabilt windows come with a DP35 rating as standard, however you can opt for a rating of DP50 if required as a custom extra when ordering them. The DP rating is basically what their wind protection rating is, so the higher it is the better. If you live in a particularly windy area then the DP50 would probably be more suitable for you.

So where is the best place to get hold of these? Well obviously Lowes is where you should be getting them, but if you don’t have a local store then you can always have a look online to see where else they are currently on offer. There are several websites out there that offer these types of windows for sale, so this is worth looking into. Remember that you can compare prices between the various different sites with relative ease online, so definitely look into this as an option before you do anything else.
Remember that Reliabilt windows may be considered cheap, however they are backed up by a reliable manufacturer so you will have peace of mind when you make your purchase. They are also backed up by a respectable warranty, so you know you are getting a good deal. Choose wisely, and your new Reliabilt windows should look great and last you for many years!